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From spring 2008, Koneistus Suomi Oy has started a new subcontractor service. At our disposal, we have a state-of-the-art Extrude Hone TEM-P350 thermal deburring gas oven as well as a FinnSonic ultrasonic washing system for post-treatment of parts. With this new system we are able to remove all burring formed during the machining process from both the interior and exteriorof pieces. The procedure can be applied to almost all metals such as steel, aluminium, cast iron and brass. This includes different alloys.

The oven chambers dimensions are ø250x400mm. Thermal deburring can be carried out on pieces up to approx. 350 mm in length. Burring is burned away at a temperature of approximately 3000°C. However this high temperature is of such a short duration that the dimensions of pieces treated in the oven are not altered.

This process, developed in the early 1960s, allows burring formed during the machining process to be quickly and efficiently removed from all intersecting channels without damaging the product itself. The thermal deburring equipment is particularly well suited to cleaning hydraulic blocks and machine parts as well generally for products which require absolute cleanliness. The procedure can also be used for cleaning up gear wheels, different gearing parts or other machined components.